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We are pleased to welcome five new students to our study abroad blogger team:

Allison LeClere, a double major in Germanic Studies and International Studies, will spend her spring semester in Freiburg. In her past travels, she has made efforts to put herself in someone else’s shoes and truly understand new cultures, and hopes to spend this spring in the same way.

English and Spanish major Kristi Potts chose to study in Barcelona for the opportunity to explore a new place and hone her Spanish language skills. She expects her coursework to be one of the most challenging experiences of her life so far. In her opinion, Spanish majors should be passionate and invested in becoming fluent in the language.

Morgan Pitt, a journalism major, has never been abroad and looks forward to the new experiences her semester in London will bring. She’s eager to take in all that she can during her time abroad and share it with our readers.

Lissa Pavluk is heading to Vienna to pursue studies related to her majors, Marketing and International Business. Outside of academics, she plans to immerse herself in the visual and musical arts and seek out the best Viennese cafés to enjoy local coffee.

Emily Szwiec, an Environmental Management major, plans to use her unique perspective to offer a different glimpse of both Canberra and the study abroad experience. She hopes to share various aspects of travel and living abroad with our readers.

The following students participating in academic year programs will continue blogging this spring:

Monica Gregory will spend an academic year in Aix-en-Provence. As an anthropology major, she’s interested in learning about local culture both inside and outside the university setting while honing her spoken French. She hopes to provide blog readers with useful information and interesting stories about travel, adjusting to culture shock, and what it’s really like to live in another culture.

The daughter of a journalist and editor, Jane Hall grew up with an enthusiasm for the written word that she hopes to bring to our blog. Jane will study in Nanjing this year, and wants to explore and steer away from the “American bubble,” as she calls it. She plans to help readers understand that while East Asian culture is vastly different, it is also beautiful, and show how learning outside your major (Chinese and international studies, in Jane’s case) can also be interesting.

The only way to become truly fluent, Spanish major Tiffany Hogan says, is to be fully immersed in the language. She hopes to convey in her blog posts how truly life-changing her year in Lima will be as she learns to be a more independent, confident individual. She looks forward to not only improving her everyday communication skills, but also learning about the lifestyles of Peruvians—from their cooking and eating habits to their superstitions.

Creative writing major Alison Martin will step out of her comfort zone to go overseas for the first time, for a year program in Canterbury. She hopes to serve as a kind of advice columnist for readers, showing that it’s not always easy to travel, but the adventure is worth it. She invites blog readers to learn along with her as she learns the best way to get around Europe, how to order from a menu you can’t read, and what to do if you find yourself in a not-so-nice place.

Learning a brand new language in a strange place is a challenge, but it’s one that Kasi Schulz is willing to undertake. She hopes to expand her worldview by immersing herself in the culture of the Czech Republic during her year in Prague. As a sociology major, she’s interested in gaining a sense of the impact the former totalitarian government had on current social life in the region, and will be taking both sociology and political science courses.

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