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Not that I don’t love Ballantine…

But there’s just no comparison.

Fat People

There are two good reasons for this:

1)   No fast food. Actually, this isn’t entirely true. In terms of getting food fast, there are dozens of places in the city to do so. The difference between them is that an Austrian afternoon snack consists of a fresh roll, or a cucumber, or a carrot. Peanut butter is shunned with pinched noses (yes, I have seen it), and kids actually fight for the last tomato.

2)   This is your walk back home from school/work. Which from this picture doesn’t look very impressive. But mind you, it’s a mountainside (elevated 14 degrees) and it goes on, and on, and on, (and on) for about a half hour. Then you catch a bus. And then you do it again.

Good relationships

Which is random, I’ll admit, but c’mon, when the study trips or the depressing winter months really hit hard, do you honestly think that whispering sweet nothings to each other in dorm bunks and holding hands is going to see your relationship through the bad times?

If you really want to show your undying passions for one another, go buy yourself an expensive lock, scrawl your love names on it, and after locking it onto the fence, chuck the key into the river. You’ll be stuck as a sort of collective public vandalism—what could be more romantic?

Who’s the last famous dead person you visited in class?

That’s what I thought. I present to you the sarcophagus of Kaiser Leopold 1.

If you don’t have the time to wiki him, suffice to say that he’s a big deal. Led the Holy Roman Empire against France (and Louis XIV), reigned over Germany, Hungary, Bohemia, Croatia, and Austria (of course), and was married to the very stylish and very Spanish Margaret Theresa.

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