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Well hello there. To all you fabulous people who are reading this blog entry, thank you for taking time out of your undoubtedly busy day to read this. My name is Kate Olsson (yes like Mary-Kate Olson, I get that a lot). This Sunday I will be setting out on a 20 hour journey to Bologna, Italy – located in the Emilia Romagna region in northern Italy.

Now, you may ask “why Italy?”  I’ve had many people ask me that.  Why should a 20-year-old Theatre & Drama major with a double major in Italian go to Italy for an entire year?  I have a simple answer for that:  I’ve never been to Italy.  When selecting what language to take to complete my GenEds at IU, I thought “I’m done with French, why not Italian?”  And so my love for the Italian language was born.  I’ve always loved Italian history (the Borgias, the Medicis, & Da Vinci!) and studying Italian only increased my love.

I have spent the past 7 months preparing for this trip (starting after I got my acceptance e-mail at the beginning of February).  Now after going through two on-campus orientation programs (one for the academic-year students and one for Bologna specifically), I felt prepared about what would happen once I got there.  I have covered every point about culture shock.  That is 7 months coming up with travel ideas, class ideas, planning, and applying for a visa (which scared me so much…my passport went away for two months…).

Now it’s all come down to packing my life away into a duffel bag, large suitcase, carry-on suitcase, and a purse from DSW. Everything about me packed into four things for the next 10 months. If all my luggage makes it to Europe at the same time, then phase 1 will be a success.  So I’m ready for Sunday and for my journey to begin!

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