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I’ve been here approximately a month to a month and a half now and I’m slowly starting to get into a routine. It’s kind of nice. It’s even better to slowly start to blend into society, or think we are. As I previously mentioned, there’s a lot to deal with when it comes to studying abroad. There’s the time zone change, the cultural change, the gastronomical change, and just the overall adjusting to a different lifestyle. I think I’m finally in the groove of things. Here’s a look at my daily routine for those who are interested. I’m not gonna lie; it is different from being at IU but at the same time, I don’t mind it.

At first, we had to go through a language intensive course for two weeks straight for three hours a day. That was a blessing and a curse. It was great to get the refresher I needed on the grammatical aspects of Spanish that I was never really clear on or I had forgotten over the summer. However, it’s tough to sit in a class for three hours especially in a foreign language. Over the summer, I took a few classes at IU and one happened to be three hours, four days a week. That was rough but not too bad because A) it wasn’t grammar, but more importantly B) it wasn’t in a foreign language.

For all students, we know the drill. There’s some point in the class, no matter how long it is, that we zone out and stop paying attention. Here, that’s lethal. Our professors speak with an accent that is different from what I’ve been accustomed to and speak quicker than normal. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s a challenge that I readily accept, but even when paying attention, it can be difficult.

But now that’s over, and I’m into a weekly routine of four classes. These classes are more interesting and entertaining. I feel like it’s too early to get a complete grasp on describing them because it’s only been two weeks. Therefore, I’ll return to the classes in a later post.

Anyway, my daily routine consists of waking up around 7:30, getting ready for the day then leaving by 8:00 to get to class a little early. I live approximately 30ish minutes away but here in Spain, 30 minutes is more like an hour. They like to take their sweet time. As a result, I’m enjoying this leisurely pace Spaniards take. It’s relaxing. From there, I cross the river and I’m into the center, or tourist area. You have to be careful here. Not because of pickpocketing, but because of gypsies. Yes, gypsies. They’ll come up to you with some fig looking thing and try to read your palm until you manage to get away. If they start to read your palm, they demand money. So, cuidado. From there, I get to see this amazing Cathedral and Bell Tower as I walk by.

Normally, I stop to get a café con leche (coffee with milk) on my way into the center. This is interesting cause I don’t know if the coffee’s different here, but I hated, hated coffee in the States, but here it’s heaven. Then I’ll go to class from 9-11 Monday through Thursday. Mondays and Wednesdays, for me, that’s my only class. Tuesday and Thursday, I’ll go to a cafe with friends and work on homework or catch up with each other, then make it back for lunch at 2.

After lunch, I rush to the university where I take a course with other Americans who aren’t in my program. It’s definitely interesting cause the university has a moat around it. (I don’t know why, because it used to be a tobacco factory, which still doesn’t explain it.) After that gets done at 5, I head to the main center to study and relax as I wait for my last class at 7. That class gets done at 8:40 and then my day’s essentially complete. I’ll head back to my home-stay and wait til dinner is served at 10:30. I’ll normally finish up any work I need to do or just relax after a busy day.

The weekend then comes and the decision has to be made. Should I travel or should I stay? It’s a tough decision because I want to get both cultural and fun experiences in Sevilla but also in the rest of Europe. Sevilla is definitely big enough that there’s no worrying about not finding something to do. I love just going to one of the parks and watching people or trying my attempt to play fútbol.

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