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Dublin Departure


It’s hard to grasp the idea that I’ll be leaving for Dublin in less than a week. I’ve filled out every possible form imaginable, bought way too many sweaters to count and I’ve read everything in sight about Ireland and what to do there. Yet, I still feel like I should research more about this country, what with all of its rich, historic background.

I’ve been lucky enough to have extremely supportive parents who have helped me through this stressful but exciting process. I can honestly say I would be lost without them. That said, I’ve been taking strides to become more independent in my work, especially in obtaining an internship abroad.

As a journalism major, internships are essential for getting jobs after college. Journalism as a whole is becoming more and more competitive since newspapers have started to become a thing of the past. Anyone can be seen as a journalist on the internet now. I hope that if I do get an internship abroad, the international experience can put me a leg up against my competitors. Hopefully employers will look at my experience abroad and see that I can assimilate into anything if I put my mind to it.

One thing that really concerns me about going abroad is the packing situation. It’s probably going to be my downfall considering I’m a shopaholic and can’t part ways with my clothes. I was recently watching an infomercial on TV about these amazing things called “space bags.” I thought, finally, someone understands me. These magical little bags allow you to store up to X amount of sweaters or bedsheets or even winter coats while they barely take up any space. All you have to do is suck the air out of them with a vacuum and voila! My clothes issue is solved.

I’m really excited about the culture over in Ireland. I’ve always imagined the people to be jolly and fun to be around. I’ve heard that the Irish folk are incomparable in kindness. Every time I imagine myself there, I see a pub and people dancing around to Irish music and just having the best time of their lives. I secretly hope to come back with an Irish accent too so I can surprise everyone on my return. What’s better than an Irish accent, anyway?

As for saying goodbye, I think it will be difficult, but not the end of the world. In my mind, it’s not goodbye, but rather, I’ll see you again soon. The four months spent in Dublin will be some of the best days of my life and they will fly by before I know it. So, let the adventures begin!

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