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I’m not going to lie. Knowing I’d be leaving for Copenhagen in less than a month made studying for finals much more difficult than usual. I am beyond excited. The classes I’m going to take at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad, the people I’m going to meet, and all the new things I’m going to try are all much more fun to think about than finals.

While studying, I found myself distracted by the thoughts of the new boots and coat I’ll need to make it through the Scandinavian winter. I’m starting to get a little nervous, too. There’s an awful lot of newness coming up.

I’m also feeling anxious about leaving. I’m hoping my roommates don’t decide they like the sublet I found better than me, and that my friends don’t have too much fun at Little Five without me. A professor I’ve been waiting to take a class with is finally teaching next semester. Thinking about the things I’ll miss in Bloomington, and what I’ll miss between now and next August, is scary to me. I’ve had a wonderful experience so far at IU, and it’s hard to leave, even for a semester.

All the same, I know that the things I learn overseas will help me as a person, and help me to enrich the IU community.

For example, in Copenhagen I am taking a class on creative travel writing, so expect the quality of these posts to improve over the semester. I will be working on a service project, hopefully in Danish schools or youth organizations, so I’ll have the chance to improve the skills I’ve learned as an IU tutor and apply them to cross cultural teaching. I will visit Greenland to get a first hand look at the effects of climate change of the environment. I will also (hopefully) overcome my fear of heights, and the dark, rock climbing and spelunking in the Czech Republic.

So while I will miss my friends and the beautiful IU campus, I’m still excited to buy some winter boots. And for Christmas, I would love an address book, a journal, and a very, very warm coat. With the right tools to stay warm, document my experiences, and share them with my community, I know that my overseas experience will be an unforgettable part of my education at Indiana University. Everyone I know should expect a post card!

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