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I feel like I can now call myself an official traveler, like I now have something to check off of my traveling to do list. To understand why, I need the person reading this to picture the scene from “Home Alone” where the family is sprinting through the airport to catch their plane. Now change that family to me and my two friends, and the airport to a train station in Italy.

Yes, I can officially say that I’ve sprinted through a train station in Italy to catch my train at the last minute.

The funny thing is, when we arrived in this train station to take the first train (it was our middle point between destinations), I saw people sprinting with luggage in tow and thought to myself, “how silly of them to not be on time and have to run all over the place like that.” Oh, how little I knew then.

After a wonderful adventure in Firenze (Florence, Italy), my two friends and I arrived at the train station with just enough time to comfortably walk to our train. We checked the board and were slightly unsure of the names in Italian, but thought we knew which train we needed and headed over to that platform. We stepped on the train and found seats. Then we double checked our tickets.

We had a short discussion in which we wondered if we actually had the right train. After asking around a bit, we found a lady who spoke Spanish and we asked her if we were on the right train. She quickly told us no, that we had read the sign wrong. “Of course,” we thought as we exited. There was a worker right outside of our car and so we walked up to ask him where we needed to go. He listened to us as he took our ticket, but then proceeded to chat with someone next to him as our patience grew thin. Finally, he answered our question and told us we had about one minute to make it to the other side of the station.

We gave each other the oh-my-goodness-what-are-we-doing?-look and took off. One of us had a book bag. My other friend and I had small duffel bags with wheels. You can imagine the three of us girls running through this station to catch a train. We looked exactly like the people I saw only a few days before.

We arrived safely on the train, full of energy and excitement. The whole time, though, I could only think about “Home Alone” and I wondered if I had forgotten something important like the family forgot Kevin.

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