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This past week I’ve been experiencing a bit of the homesick blues. Going to a college in Indiana has allowed me to stay close to home and a weekend trip back to my hometown was easy, if not necessary at times.

Now that I’m more than two months into my program, I’m starting to miss the simple things that remind me so much of Indiana and of IU. Watching Jordan Hull’s senior speech on my computer moved me to tears. That is one thing I’ll never get tired of: Hoosier basketball. And it’s definitely something I miss. There are sports in Ireland (Rugby and Gaelic football) that I’m unfamiliar with and getting tickets is practically impossible. Even if I was able to score a ticket, it wouldn’t be the same as experiencing my Indiana Hoosiers in action.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Ireland and everything about it, I’m just not used to being away from my family and friends for so long. It’s teaching me to be independent and enjoy the sky I do sit under, even though that sky happens to be hundreds of miles away from home. I’m learning to make Dublin my home in whatever ways I can.

For example, I traveled to Amsterdam and Brussels for our so-called ‘spring break,’ which was anything from the typical spring break experienced at home, with temperatures reaching 30 degrees for the high. After about five days of touring these amazing cities I had this urge of wanting to go ‘home’, but not the home I expected to want to go home to. This time I wanted to lay in my bed at my apartment in Dublin and drink a nice, hot cup o’tea. The longer I’m here, the more comfortable I feel and the more normal life becomes. It’s amazing how well one adapts to a new life.

As much as I’m missing my Indiana home, I realize that I’ll miss things about Ireland once I go back. I’ll miss the amazing music played in the pubs and the friends I have made along the way. I’ll even miss the rainy days I’ve become so accustomed to. Dublin has become my home away from home and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

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