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I teach English two days a week in Madrid. For one of my families, I have to travel to the suburbs. In order to get there, I have to take a different bus that takes me out of the city. I get to ride on the highway every Wednesday in and out of Madrid. It’s a wonderful time to reflect on things.

The ride to the suburb is right around sunset. It’s such a relaxing ride out, listening to the Spaniards chat, and enjoying the views. It’s a time for me to relax after class and before my lessons. It’s a time for me to be thankful for where I am in life and the opportunity I have to be here.

I ride home to the city after dark. It’s usually the same crowd every week that I ride with. I meet a lady at the bus stop and we chat about how cold it is and how it feels as if we wait for forever for the bus. Once we get on, we’re greeted by a group of fifteen elderly folk who are always chatting about politics or their families.

This drive is one of my favorite parts of my weekly routine. We ride back through the traffic into the city’s welcoming lights. Driving into a city at night always reminds me of vacationing with my family while growing up. It’s a comforting feeling. This drive and these people have become comfortable to me. I like hearing about their little snippets of life as I watch the bright lights shine from the city streets. The lights welcome me home as we all say goodbye to the bus driver.

Until next week, I’ll stay in the city. On Wednesday, though, I get a moment to breathe as I leave Madrid and remember the wonderful opportunity I have.

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