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It’s mid April in Prague and the weather has been so absolutely gorgeous, I feel like there is nothing to complain about. The crazy thing, is that about 2 weeks ago, it was still 30°F with snow on the ground. If you were to ask a Czech native, which I did my friend Anna, you would find out that this is highly unusual for typical Prague weather.

Usually, winter lasts until the beginning of March, and temperatures rise to the 50s, and then in May and the rest of the summer months, it gets to be in the 70s. If I didn’t believe in global warming before, I definitely do now, because it has been in the high 60s and 70s all week here.



Although this streak of hot days may fade a bit by next week with some rainstorms, my friends and I have been enjoying this weather to the fullest. Prague becomes a truly different city when the weather improves and my bucket list, which was already so long, now seems limitless.

My favorite part about Prague summer is definitely the beer gardens. Near the CIEE Study Center in Vysehrad, there is one down the road and up a hill called Na Hradbách (“on the walls” in Czech). I believe the name has something to do with the fact that Vysehrad is a medieval fortress on top of a giant hill. This gorgeous garden has picnic tables covering a pebble-filled ground, and behind it is a gorgeous blue sky with a beautiful view of sunny Prague 2 down below.

This beer garden has become an afternoon and daytime activity for all of us study abroad kids who are beginning to feel a tad homesick for our schools, but I can honestly tell you that no one seems to care while we are enjoying the fact that THE SUN IS OUT IN PRAGUE. Finally.

A sunny summer beer garden is wonderful for its gorgeous scenery and locally brewed Czech beer, but this one in particular has some of the best food I have eaten in Prague. The menu consists of fried everything, and anything that mixes well with a cold beer. Fried Zucchini, stuffed mushrooms, Calabasas Sausages, fried jalapeno peppers…try not to drool as the list goes on.

Sunny day in Prague

Sunny day in Prague

Another thing that is amazing about Prague in the summer is the smell. I don’t even mind that there is no air conditioning in our apartment (I did live in Theta when it was 100°F last semester…) because the air just smells so fresh and spring-like. All of the flowers have begun to bloom and this city which I thought couldn’t look more beautiful, this place blows me away. The grass even seems to be perfectly green already, which is something I guess I will never understand because if they don’t use pesticides in their food in Europe, I’m sure they don’t in the grass either.

Regardless, Prague in the spring is amazing so far, which is making it harder and harder to fathom leaving this beautiful country that is my current home.

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