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London. Posh, vibrant, historical London. My mind still spins at the idea that I’ll be traveling to this fabulous city on my first trip overseas.

Honestly, I have no idea what London has to offer. All I know is the dazzling location I admired in movies like “Love Actually” and through the tales of the brilliant Sherlock Holmes.

Not only am I fulfilling my dream of going anywhere besides the Midwest (no offense to Indiana), but also due to the course I’m taking I’ll actually be standing in the very area in which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote about the detective. “You know my methods, Watson,” I can already see myself saying, although hopefully there will be no great mysteries to solve while aboard.

To further explain, the class that I am taking while abroad is called “TEL- T452 Script to Screen”For the past few weeks I have been reading and watching the great classics such as Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, The King’s Speech, Casino Royale, and Sherlock Holmes. How terrible, right? I get to read my favorite books for class! Also, during my trip to London I’ll actually be going to see the real sets of some of these great stories. It was an experience I simply couldn’t pass up.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what all I want to accomplish while abroad. Obviously I want to stay on top of my work for class—it’s the reason I’m going, after all—but I really want to explore myself.  Merely going on this trip I am pushing the boundaries of what I thought was possible, so I would like to use this time to reflect not only on the culture, but also on myself. Who am I?

That question will not be answered in a mere month in London, but I think it will definitely help to immerse myself into a new culture.   I’m going to burst forth with an open mind and embrace a new culture.

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