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In London there is a ton of exciting entertainment happening all the time.  My professor, Susan Kelly, just happens to be the perfect person to somehow talk her way into being a part of this entertainment.

This is how we met Graham Norton.

For those who aren’t aware, Graham Norton is a hysterical comic who has a show, The Graham Norton Show, where he brings out celebrities and everyone sits on the infamous red couch together and just chat. They promote movies, they promote music, and ultimately they just joke with one another the entire time. It is a fabulous show, and I definitely recommend it, though it’s sometimes not for the faint of heart.

While going on a movie tour through London, we were approached by a man asking us if we wanted to be audience on the UK show, Loose Women. It’s like The View in America. At first we hesitated, but the man needed exactly sixteen seats. We were a group of sixteen people. Not only that, but we were a group of exactly sixteen people who were taking a tour on a day that wasn’t originally planned. It was fate.

Susan negotiated with the man, and he gave us tickets to see Graham Norton the next night if we sat in the audience. Were we going to pass up the opportunity? No. I about passed out with excitement.

We sat in the audience for Loose Women and all thought we’d be ripped off for the show the next day. We were wrong. Not only did we get tickets to see Graham (it’s a very long waiting list to get these seats!), but we got priority tickets. First people in the studio. And then they put us all in the second row.

Did I mention the guests? Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Bradley Cooper, Heather Graham, and Michael Douglas. Selena Gomez was singing, too. This was his biggest and most amazing show yet and I was bursting.

Have anyone seen the video on YouTube of Will Smith and Carlton doing the Fresh Prince rap? I was there. I was right in front of them staring and dancing. Actually, if you watch the video now you can see me for a brief second dancing in the ground. Second row, third seat from the right (when looking into the audience from the stage).

To make this even better one of the guys on my trip was in the show. He played the role of Graham Norton’s son at the beginning segment when they’re asking an audience member if they’re ready for the show. It was amazing. It was inspiring. It was completely random that we even got these tickets, but I even got to talk to Graham. Will Smith and I could have possibly locked eyes from across the room.

To say that I am over the top appreciative of this trip is not giving it enough justice. Graham is the most brilliant man ever, and to randomly walk upon his show was a dream. I’m still on cloud nine actually.

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