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I didn’t want to go abroad. In fact, my mom and I used to get in fights about how she thought I was missing out on a huge life experience by not applying for a program my junior year second semester. I didn’t want to miss out on a minute of my four years at the greatest college in the world. But on a cold night in February, my mind abruptly changed while scrolling through a good friend’s abroad pictures.

I had to go abroad. I just knew I would regret it forever if I didn’t take an opportunity to live and work in another country.

I found my program 4 days before the application was due and annoyed my favorite professors to please write my recommendations over the weekend, which thankfully they happily (or not so happily) did. I quickly found out I was accepted to my program, the IES Summer London Internship program, and thus began my obsession with London.

It started out healthy – just a new Pinterest board dedicated to pictures of classic red telephone booths and Big Ben, and a little research on British fashion and celebrities on Elle UK. It quickly spiraled into me watching YouTube videos of British people to perfect my British accent (maybe I’ll convince someone I’m a local…..or not) and Google mapping my apartment address and using the street view to “walk around” my neighborhood. It’s safe to say I’ve already fallen in love with my home for the summer.

Now, with just a few days until I depart for the city I’ve been dreaming about for months, I can barely sleep let alone think about anything other than my future home.

I’ve packed plenty of Dramamine for the plane ride in hopes of subduing myself for the torturous 8 hours spent 35,000 feet above sea level that stands between my summer and me. I’ve also packed some Dove chocolate (for obvious reasons), a collection of gossip magazines and a neck pillow. And when I say packed, I mean this bag is literally sitting next to me right now waiting to be taken on an adventure.

As for me, I don’t know what is in store for me this summer. My mind is completely open to anything and everything London wants to throw my way and I’ve packed my inhibitions away in my closet to stay in America.

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