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The moment I have been waiting for has finally arrived.  After months of planning and increasing anticipation, I will embark on my journey to Rome, Italy once and for all.  Incredible art, culture, and cuisine are in my line of sight!

Six months ago, when I made my decision to study abroad with Indiana University’s amazing overseas program, the idea of actually flying out of the United States felt almost like an ethereal dream.  The opportunity of a lifetime was dangling before me and I was in awe of how easy it seemed to reach out and grab it.  Despite my lingering anxiety and worry, I ventured forward and decided that I was going to go on this trip despite any obstacles that may have been in my way.  There were financial burdens to grapple with, and inconveniences that seemed overwhelming at the time, but my goal has finally been realized.  I am about to take my first steps out of the country.  This is real.

Having spent my whole life in Indiana, I have always yearned to go new places and have my own adventures.  When I read about the IES summer internship opportunity in Rome through our very own Overseas Study Office, I immediately fell in love.  This program allows students to live in Rome for just shy of two months, while they are placed in a career relevant internship where they will work for the duration.  Not only will I be gaining vocational experience, I will also be spending time in what is considered one of the most fascinating places on Earth.  Could I ask for anything better?  I am so grateful for this chance to see the world that I am adamantly looking for ways to give back to the people that are making it possible.  This is why I have chosen to blog my experience abroad, so I may share my life with you, my readers, in hopes that you or someone you know will reach out and grab the same opportunity that presented itself to me.

As the days count down to my departure out of this country, I reflect on everything I have been through to get to this point.  The culminating stress and ever present anticipation are drawing to a close as I prepare to make my way into the world.  I am leaving behind the world I know and venturing into the unknown.  I sincerely hope that when you read my blog posts this summer, you can virtually step into my shoes.  I implore you to see through my eyes, and feel with my skin.  I am broadening my horizons and in turn I want to broaden yours as well.  I expect this trip to help me grow and mature in ways that would have never been possible otherwise.  I want to come back to America on July 25th, 2014, as a changed individual.  When you read my final blog post you will undoubtedly see that the person writing it is inherently different than the one writing these words now.

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