Indiana University Overseas Study

Meet our Summer 2015 bloggers:

 Erica Ewen - Berlin
Erica Ewen Erica will be studying for a month this summer in Berlin, Germany. She is majoring in History with minors in Criminal Justice and Public Management. Her love of History and growing knowledge of World War II drew her to the program in Berlin. She can’t wait to visit the sites that she has learned about for the past three years and document her experiences through photos and blogging. Her hope is that through her experiences, she continues to learn about Germany and how the country has memorialized events from the past 100 years.
 Maddie Hineman - Copenhagen
Maddie Hineman Maddie will be spending the summer in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is an Elementary Education major and is excited to learn about many different cultures during her time abroad, and to come home with a new perspective of the world.
Kendall Machledt - Prague
Kendall Machledt Kendall will be spending the summer before her senior year in Prague, Czech Republic. She is a Sociology major with minors in Journalism and Communications & Culture. Having never been overseas before, she is looking forward to taking in all of the various cultural differences while in Europe, and gaining a better sense of the world around her. Kendall plans to use her sociology and journalism backgrounds to share the exciting experiences and knowledge she gains while abroad.
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