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Kendall Machledt - Prague

In just one week from now I will be arriving overseas to my new summer home in Prague, Czech Republic. I will be meeting my flat mates and my new “Czech buddy,” whom I suspect to be vital in the initial adjustment phase. Having only gotten home to my parents’ house less than a week ago, it really feels like time is slipping away from me.

Taking part in the first and second summer sessions abroad, I have barely had time to unpack all of my clothes and belongings from the semester at college, let alone sort through and assemble outfits to pack up with me again. My past week has been spent almost solely in preparation for my trip. I have exchanged some money for Czech koruna (crowns), applied for an international credit card, purchased some mini toiletry travel bottles, and said some goodbyes. I have also been reading up on Prague and other places and countries I plan on visiting, thanks to my handy Rick Steves books.

I am very anxious to set out on my adventure of a lifetime. It has felt like a weird in-between time for me for a while now, with the semester ending, friends moving, jobs and internships starting, while I am just at home trying to mentally and physically prepare for this incredible journey I am about to embark on. Having never been to Europe or overseas at all, I have been trying to orient myself with all of the cultural information and travel tips that I can.

Although I still have lots of things to accomplish, I must say, as the days pass I am constantly getting more and more excited to leave on my European adventure. I keep getting asked the same question by people over and over again: What are you most excited for? My answer, although broad, is simple: everything. I am so thankful and ecstatic for the opportunity to explore parts of the world that I had never dreamed possible. I cannot wait to take in all of the magnificent scenes, experiences, areas, and people, to help shape the person that I am meant to be.

Kendall Machledt - discovering new cultures abroad

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