Indiana University Overseas Study

 Debora Estrada Lobo - Seville
Deborah Estrada Lobo - Seville Debora is a Journalism major minoring in Marketing and Spanish. During her time abroad, she hopes to immerse herself in the rich Andalusian culture, get a first-hand glimpse at the life of a Sevillano and explore various countries and cultural differences across Europe. Through her blogging, she hopes to provide interesting stories and numerous insights on traveling and living abroad.
 Vincent Halloran - Buenos Aires
Vincent Halloran Vincent Halloran is a Political Science major with minors in History and Spanish. He chose to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina next fall in order to solidify his fluency in Spanish and to experience a society that is dramatically distinct from the United States. He looks forward to learning more about Latin American perceptions of the United States as well as how Argentine political and economic methods compare to those in the U.S.
 Maria Kalas - Valparaiso
Marie Kalas Marie Kalas is a double major heading to Valparaiso, Chile. Studying the Psychology of Language through the Individualized Major Program and Spanish, Marie is looking forward to finally being able to speak fluent Spanish. Marie plans on blogging about her submersion into the Spanish language through her schoolwork, the Chilean community, and her homestay family.
 Adam Pease - Madrid, Spain
Adam Pease Spending his Junior Academic Year in Madrid, Adam Pease will be pursuing courses related to his majors in Spanish, Art History, and History. Outside of academics, Adam is excited to immerse himself in Spanish culture by exploring nearby sites, restaurants, and museums. Along the way he hopes to reach a higher rate of proficiency in the Spanish language. His posts will reflect, among other things, his passions for visual art and social history, as well as provide a first-hand experience of living apart from family in a new country.
Frankie Salzman - Jerusalem Franklyn (Frankie) Salzman is a double major in Jewish Studies and Religious Studies with a minor in Biblical Hebrew.  He will be spending the academic year at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  He chose this program for its reputation here at Indiana, to be able to further his language studies of Hebrew, and to deepen his jewish culture and connection to the Jewish state.  In his blog, he hopes to portray what life is like as a student in Jerusalem and Israel, partly touching on the experience of celebrating Jewish holidays in a now majority setting, but also on what it is like to live in one of the most important cities in the world.
Emma Storen - Cape Town
Emma Storen Emma will be studying in at the University of Cape Town in South Africa for the entire fall semester. She is entering her senior year at IUPUI and majoring in both International Studies and Economics, with a focus on social and economic development in Africa. She previously studied in Rwanda during the summer of 2014. She is most looking forward to experiencing the diverse culture of South Africa, and examining the development and history of the nation first hand.
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