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Off to Argentina

Vincent Halloran - Buenos Aires

As I find myself in transit to “BA,” as I am told the locals refer to the Argentine capital, I am considering the many motivations that have led me to embark on this semester abroad. This journey is about more than just solidifying my ability to speak Spanish, it is about embracing a lifestyle without borders. I refuse to live constricted to Indiana or even the United States; I know I will benefit throughout my personal and professional life by taking on this experience while still in my formative college years. After so much reading about Argentina’s culture and history, I cannot wait to be on the ground to experience it firsthand.

In the past, I have been lucky to study abroad in central Mexico and San José, Costa Rica; these experiences have provided me with a unique background which I may reference in future posts. I will often look to juxtapose Argentine realities with my time in other Latin American nations and even the United States. I expect Argentina to have more in common with the capitals of Europe or uniquely opulent North American cities like Montreal than with Mexico City or the Costa Rican capital. I will attempt to continually relate my time here with previous experiences in hopes of drawing more thoughtful conclusions about life abroad. My posts will often focus specifically on comparing and contrasting the democratic realities of Argentina against the backdrop of a potentially pivotal presidential election later this fall.

In Buenos Aires, I hope to experience everything the so-called “Paris of South America” has to offer, from incredible national museums to the famous street cafés in the city center. Beyond the unique places I will be able to go, the people I will meet and learn from are what I am looking forward to most. The Argentine capital is not only physically distant from our Hoosier home, but culturally distinct as well. This cultural immersion, which will put me in the midst of an incredibly diverse global city, will allow me to move beyond the homogeneity of Indiana. My ultimate goal is to be comfortable amongst as many cultures as possible, so that I can become a citizen of the world rather than just Bloomington – as much as I have grown to love it. My bags are packed, now all that is left to do is to get there!

Vincent Halloran - analyzing Argentine political and economic models

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