Indiana University Overseas Study

Landon Davison Landon Davison is fulfilling his lifelong goal of studying abroad the spring of his junior year in beautiful Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he is taking classes in Portuguese and pursuing research on the effects of mega events (such as the Olympics) on disenfranchised populations in host communities. He is an International Studies major with a focus on Latin America and speaks Spanish and Portuguese, and is a part of SPEA’s honors certificate program in Applied Research and Inquiry. Outside of school, Landon is an award-winning delegate for IU’s Model United Nations team, a part of the Alumni Relations committee for IU Dance Marathon, and a proud brother of the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity, for whom he competes in Little 500.
Nadine Herman Nadine Herman is a junior studying Journalism with a specialization in public relations.  Nadine is excited to fill her time abroad in Italy with amazing pizza, gelato, and art.  She is looking forward to studying in the city where the Renaissance was born and absorbing as much Italian culture as possible.  Nadine’s posts will feature her sense of adventure and desire to learn.
Abbey Hudetz Abbey Hudetz is entering her spring semester as a Junior at Indiana University majoring in Communications and minoring in Marketing. She chose to study in London in order to immerse herself in the metropolitan hub of the world in terms of study, work, and culture. Abbey looks forward to blogging about English culture, her internship experience, and her European travels.
 Adam Pease - Madrid, Spain
Adam Pease Spending his Junior Academic Year in Madrid, Adam Pease will be pursuing courses related to his majors in Spanish, Art History, and History. Outside of academics, Adam is excited to immerse himself in Spanish culture by exploring nearby sites, restaurants, and museums. Along the way he hopes to reach a higher rate of proficiency in the Spanish language. His posts will reflect, among other things, his passions for visual art and social history, as well as provide a first-hand experience of living apart from family in a new country.
Adam Kiefer Adam Kiefer is a Junior pursuing a degree in Journalism, with a minor in French, at Indiana University. His passion lies in photography and more specifically photojournalism, and he aspires to someday work for a major world publication. This semester he will be studying journalism in Berlin, Germany at a brand new Global Campus through CIEE. He hopes his experiences will shape his world view, and serve to make him into a better photographer and visual journalist.
Holly Paddack Holly Paddack is a Junior spending her spring semester at the University of Wollongong in Wollongong, Australia. Majoring in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Psychology, Holly is looking forward to gaining insight on the ecological diversity that Australia has to offer. She hopes to portray, among other things, life as an exchange student and the cultural differences that she will encounter along the way.
Alexa Stegemoller
Alexa Stegemoller Alexa Stegemoller is a Human Biology major minoring in Psychology and pursuing a career in medicine. She will be studying at the University of Adelaide in Southern Australia with hopes of completely immersing herself in a new and exciting culture. Through her blogging, she hopes to educate students on what it’s truly like to study abroad as well as what experiences they may come across along the way.
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