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Amanda Duba - Venice, Italy

Monday, May 16th
Pre-departure. 3:47am.
3 days until lift off.

I wonder if mom is tossing and turning as much as I am, only a few more nights to be under her roof. I do not have a feeling of regret or guilt about leaving, but there is a sadness and longing to be with my family and friends I am saying goodbye to. The last supper with dad was tough to walk away from; so long to the meals shared with a panting dog under the table. Six weeks isn’t that long of a time, but six weeks is kind of a long time.

I leave for Italy in 2 days. I will be studying printmaking and bookmaking with 15 other students in the small calles of Venice for six weeks. Upon arrival, I will receive a vaporetto pass and an apartment key to which I will be paired with a roommate. We then have until Monday to explore and “get lost in Venice”, as Ed, our professor, requested. He asked that we explore our new home and get a taste of the Venezia culture.

Calle: [kah-yeh] narrow street
Vaporetto: [Vahp-oh-ret-toh] water bus

Starting Monday we begin our immersion into the intaglio style of printing and then compiling our work into an artist book we can present upon our return. We will study 9am-3pm Monday through Thursday and travel throughout the country on Fridays. The rest is up in the air for what sorts of activities will be filling up my days.

intaglio – a printing process that uses an etched or engraved plate; the plate is smeared with ink and wiped clean, then the ink left in the recesses makes the print.

Per Ed’s request, I hope to lose myself in the best of ways. This past semester was mentally, physically, and spiritually demanding that led me to an exhaustion I like to describe as beautiful. Though I went through trials, as all college students do, I was led to this trip. I hope to lose the worry, the stress, and the wrinkles(?) this semester brought about, breathe in the Mediterranean air, and gawk at the vibrant buildings, sunsets, and personalities that I will experience over the next few weeks. I hope to hold on to each moment, though it may be fleeting, with a delicate grasp and recognize that this is a trip of a lifetime. I get the chance to study art, not only historically, but as a practice in the art capital of the world, home to some of the worlds most beautiful basilicas, palaces, and galleries.

I feel peaceful as I pack my bags, knowing that what I leave behind may or may not be different when I return, but I will for certain be different. I will be vibrant, I will be knowledgeable, and I will be found in a way that I can not yet define.

Amanda Duba - creating and experiencing art in Venezia

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