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Christine White



“Miss? Miss!”

I have no idea where that little bit of English entered their vocabularies (perhaps their English teacher at school?), but the young kids I teach in Huaycan never hesitate to use it when they need my attention or see me in the street. (more…)



Volunteering is a great thing to do; everyone knows that. It’s not only good for the organization you help, but it’s also good for the volunteer. I help out at an organization called Fundación Balia. It’s an NGO that works generally with at risk youth and their families, or children in disadvantaged areas. I volunteer once a week at this school with the same group of children every week, and I think it’s a great establishment to help out with.


Staying warm and staying in touch: Preparing for Copenhagen


I’m not going to lie. Knowing I’d be leaving for Copenhagen in less than a month made studying for finals much more difficult than usual. I am beyond excited. The classes I’m going to take at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad, the people I’m going to meet, and all the new things I’m going to try are all much more fun to think about than finals.


Teaching… Or Playing?! My Experience as a Volunteer Sensei


Many of the exchange students here at Nanzan University have taken up part-time jobs at English cafés or restaurants and have said that, although they speak in English, work is a fantastic way of meeting new people. Whether the customer is Japanese or a foreigner, everyone is coming together to socialize and practice communication skills.


Yabai! Final essays, tests, and presentations, oh my!


With only about two weeks of classes left, the exchange students at Nanzan University have been busy studying, writing reports, and finishing up research projects.  On top of all the written homework, students are busy working part-time jobs, volunteering at day-cares, conducting interviews, and of course making plans for the holidays or the return trip home.  Classes are much busier for me as well.  I would like to share a bit about the elective and lecture courses’ content, as well as study methods for Japanese language courses.


Volunteering: Getting Involved In Your Community Abroad


One of the great things about CIEE is that they offer a variety of volunteering opportunities with local Czech organizations around Prague.  There are many reasons to volunteer while abroad: to build your resume, to give back to the community, to learn about various organizations, to immerse yourself more fully in Czech culture, and to foster relationships with Czech people.


Farming in the Mountains of Rural Japan

Near the end of summer, as one travels further from the sprawling city of Nagoya, one may notice that the rice fields have changed color from green to golden-yellow—this means that the harvest season has arrived!


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