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My friend, Ali, had a panic attack inside of a medieval fortress in Assisi, last Friday. I have known Ali since we were three years old, but it was purely a random coincidence that we both ended up at IU, in the same sorority and studying abroad in Florence together; we didn’t plan any of it.


Information Overload


CIEE, the American program I am studying with in Prague, is one of the most organized programs I have ever seen. Although before I came abroad, my parents and I had little to no information about where I was going to live, what the deal was with my class schedule…etc., CIEE has officially answered my every inquiry and more.


A Time to Celebrate

It’s finally here.

No, it’s not a particular holiday. No, there’s nothing HUGE happening (except I am going to Annecy this weekend!) And no, I still haven’t received any of those packages that I asked for.

It’s better than that. It’s the feeling of overcoming culture shock.


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